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Bonnie Mulligan (Peter Ostrushko)
Boyne Hunt
Contradiction Reel
Derry Reel
Fair Wind
Farewell to London
Father Newman's reel
Gallows Hill (Kevin O'Connor)
Jimmy Keane's
John Kelly's
Liar Reel, The (Christian Vesvre)
Music For A Found Harmonium (Simon Jeffis)
Once in a Blue Moose (Niall Vallely)
Primrose Lass
Ramnee Ceilidh (Gordon Duncan)
Return to Milltown
Shamrock hill (Sean Ryan)
Singing Stream (N.Vallely)
Spindle Shanks
Walking on The Moon (Addie Harper)
Coachman's Whip
The Pancakes are Burned (Marie Swark)
Street Player
Dub reel (Michael McGoldrick)
Lady on the Island
Tom Ward's Downfall
Ornette's Trip to Belfast (Donald Shaw)
Maid of Tullyknockbrine


Bill Hart's
Boys of Ballymoate
Caliope House
Cleveland Park (Ivan Drever)
Handy with the Bottle
Hawthorn Hedge
Katleen O'Hehir
Kilmovee Jig
Lost and Found, The
Muireann's Jig (N.Vallely)
Seanamhac Tube Station (J.Carthy)
Cailleach a Shusa
Robbie Hannan's
Mrs O'Sullivan
Kalyana (Emer Mayock)
Biddy the Bold

Slip Jigs

Catherine Kelly's
Dever the Dancer
Little Fair Canavans


Joe Bane's Fling
Miss Irene Weldrum's Welcome to Bon Accord (W.G Weldrum)
Miss Rowan Davis (Phil Cunningham)
Race Classic Polka
Tico Tico
Her Long Black Hair
Leslie's March
Dance of the Honeybees

Compositions from the Band

Blackberry (Tiennet Simonnin)
Blue Shutters (Tiennet Simonnin)
Curfew, The (Fabien Guiloineau)
Foggy Night (Tiennet Simonnin)
Frozen Tree, The (Fabien Guiloineau)
Kick in the Glass (Tiennet Simonnin)
Neighbour's Flying Cat (Romain Chéré)
Night Before, The (Fabien Guiloineau)
Postcard from Dublin, The (Tiennet Simonin)
Red Cliff (Tiennet Simonnin)
Reel à Michel (Romain Chéré)
Squirrel in the Hedge,The (Tiennet Simonnin)
Dark Rosaleen's jig (Fabien Guiloineau)
Sunny Meadow (Tiennet Simonnin)

Tunes in ABC :

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